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SecondScreen Networks

What is SecondScreen Networks?

SecondScreen Networks is the Ad Platform for the two screen future of television viewing, commonly referred to the “second screen.”


What We Do

We use advanced video fingerprinting tools to identify commercials airing in real-time, and serve rich media ads that match the TV spot currently airing across our network of TV companion applications and website publishers.


For example, a user watching American Idol and participating in a live blog of the show on her iPad, might see a Pizza Hut ad on TV and simultaneously view an interactive digital ad with a menu and ‘order now’ button on her device.

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Who Is It For

TV Companion Publishers

You have an engaged, excited audience watching TV while using your app or site. Together we'll unleash the value of that community.

Combining the emotion of TV with the immediacy of the web deliver value to advertisers and profits to you.

Agencies and Advertisers

At last, a feedback path for TV Spots. Now your television campaigns have the calls to action, brand interaction and measurement you have come to demand in digital advertising.


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